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High-Quality New Tires in Longview, TX

Don’t wait until you are stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire before receiving the tire repair or new set of tires you need. If it’s time to get a new set, you will need high-quality tires for a good price, and Pat Lobb’s Toyota of Longview in Longview, TX can provide you with the perfect set!

Importance of Getting Your Tires Changed

One of the most important things you can do for your tires is to keep an eye on how much tread is on them. Why? When your tires are not in proper condition and the tread is worn down, it can be a serious safety risk for you and every passenger that gets into your vehicle. Having little to no tread on your tires can make it harder to stop because your tires will have less grip on the road, even in ideal conditions. It is especially unsafe in less than ideal conditions like rain or snow because hydroplaning is a very serious, scary, and dangerous occurrence. This is much more likely to happen if the tread on your tires is getting low. Make sure to keep an eye on the tread of your tires to see when you need to get a new set.

When to Get New Tires

There are a couple of different ways to be able to tell when you need to go tire shopping:

  • The tire threads are less than a 1/16th of an inch
  • The cracks in the sidewall or tread of the tire
  • The “thread wear bars” are even with the tread of the tire
  • The feeling of unusual vibrations in the steering wheel
  • The tires are more than 10 years old

A Great Price on Top-Quality Tires in Longview, TX

If it’s time to get one or more new tires, then come on down to our service center at Pat Lobb's Toyota of Longview in Longview, TX to get professional service! Make sure before you come to check out our service specials to save some cash when you come in! We are conveniently located at 1400 W LOOP 281 for everyone in the Longview, Tyler, Kilgore, Marshall, and Carthage areas. Give us a call at (903) 225-3787 with any questions!

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